Stroll has “some ideas” on how to catch up to F1 team-mate Alonso –

The Canadian had a difficult start to the season after he was injured in a cycling accident and had to miss the Bahrain test last year.

He spent much of the year trying to regain momentum relative to Alonso, who had a flying start with the team and logged a string of early podium finishes.

Stroll also had some reliability issues that struck him in races and also cost him valuable track time in practice.

However, he concedes that overall Alonso was simply the faster driver for the balance of the season.

“Some speed last year, for sure,” he said when asked what was missing relative to the Spaniard.

“He was just quicker. So I have some ideas on where to work on, some things that I want to improve on, for sure, in that regard.

“And also, I don’t like to use the word luck, but I think we had a lot of misfortune last year and I think that kind of made things more challenging.

“When we were fighting for good positions last year, there were a lot of races where we had technical issues. We had things just didn’t go our way. So we want to just build on last year.”

Stroll says that he’s been looking at all areas as he tries to improve his form.

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“It’s reflecting on normal stuff on what I want from the car,” he said. “How I feel like I can be a better driver, in what areas I can improve on. That kind of stuff.

“And also just come back physically a little bit stronger, and think about some of the races where I felt physically I could have been stronger.

“Those kinds of things, just the usual stuff. And then, every year it’s a new year. So going into this year I learn, I evolve, I think about what I can do better, how I can be better.

“But then also just like take on the year and see what happens. Every year is a very different year in F1.

“It depends a lot on where the car is at. It depends a lot on many factors. But I would like to see us definitely fight for some big results this year, score a lot of points, fight for podiums. And a win in green would be nice.”

Stroll says he likes what he’s seen of the new AMR24 thus far, and believes that the Silverstone team has been able to address the weaknesses of its predecessor.

“I’m very excited about the 2024 car,” he said. “I think we’re trying to really build on last year’s car. We had a strong car last year, definitely, opening up the season.

“We came out really strong. Some weaknesses in the car, at certain tracks. Some of those weaknesses were exposed, and we struggled a lot more as a team.

“This year the whole factory’s been working really, really hard on building from last year, improving some of the weaknesses and also building on the strengths of last year’s car.”

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