This Texas family #WentAndTookIt with their World Series-themed Christmas decorations – CBS News

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS (CBSNewsTexas.com) — When you’re looking to decorate for Christmas, why not celebrate the biggest gift of the year? 

“Texas Rangers House. That’s been our new alias now—the Rangers house,” said Jesse Gonzales. 

His home on Wisdom Way is decked out in lights, but doesn’t showcase your typical reindeer and Santa’s sleigh. Instead, scenes from the 2023 World Series are in their place, brightening up their North Richland Hills driveway,

“Oh, the reaction…it’s been phenomenal. We’ve had people come by every single day, and I walk out here and talk to a lot of big Ranger fans,” Gonzales shared.

You could say he and his wife Angela are Texas Rangers super fans.

“We actually went on our first date to [a] Rangers game and then a year later we got engaged at a Rangers Game,” Angela recalled. 

So, it only makes sense that when the Texas Rangers won the World Series, they’d combine their usual enormous holiday light show with the highlight of every Texan’s year. “As soon as the Rangers won the World Series, my wife was like, ‘You gotta go out there and change the theme up.'”

In total, it took about 10,000 lights, a giant LED screen showing iconic moments from the series, and jerseys on skeletons—an homage to Rangers past, present and future. 

“You’ll see the final pitch of the World Series projected on the big screen here. Then…we run through the highlight of the World Series,” Gonzales said. 

The entire show is choreographed to Post Malone’s song, “Congratulations.”

Their entire family says it was certainly their year to “Go and take it,” and hope more people stop by to enjoy it before their real Christmas decorations go up on Dec. 1.

“I want them to experience the joy, you know, the Rangers win the World Series,” Gonzales said. “Reliving that day, that moment again…I want them to just feel welcomed.”

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